woman getting certificate1000 Lives is about people and organisations in Stoke-on Trent

1000 lives is about communities

1000 lives is about sharing and working together

1000 lives is about better wellbeing and quality of life.

1000 lives brings people, skills, resources, opportunities and enthusiasm in the city together to make it a better place to live for everyone.

Anyone who is or wants to get involved in helping their community and making a difference to the lives of people around them can join the 1000 lives network.  However big or small – it all counts. You can make use of the network in whatever way that suits you!photo of group of young people1,000 Lives is about community design, delivery and ownership. What the project does depends on you.

So whether you are already involved in community action, wanting to be involved or just interested in knowing more, then be part of the  1,000 Lives Community Champion Movement!Membership is free with no obligations. Click here to join – When you click this link you will be taken to a  page which explains how to join.group of community champions

Click here to find out more about 1000 Lives and why you should join.

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