Our Network meeting on the 26th June 2014 was at the Stoke Baptist Centre. We were welcomed by Marg Hardcastle the Minister who is also a member of SWOCA. Around 60 people came. people talkingWe started with a delicious lunch which Howard had prepared, which he set out with support from Mike. During lunch we had time to chat and look at the stalls from:

  • Adult and Community Learning,
  • Closer to Home Walks,
  • Business Enterprise Support,
  • HomeStart,
  • Creative Support Ltd,
  • North Staffs Users Group and
  • Revival Home Improvement Agency

We watched the new version of Miniature Stoke – a film produced by Stoke on Trent Healthy City. It brings to life some important facts about Stoke on Trent from the census in 2011 and other statistics. This set the scene for the work we are all doing to take community action to improve health and wellbeing in the city.

The theme for our meeting was “How to plan a community event: the joys and avoiding the pitfalls”

In groups at our tables we talked about why we hold community events, what the challenges are and shared our top tips for success.

You can read the notes for all the groups and our Top Tips here.

1000 Lives Challenges and Tips for Organising a Community Event 26th June 2014

woman standing at front of room talkingMarg Hardcastle gave us the benefit of her experience of running community events.

She is one of the organisers of the fantastic London Road Festival.

Marg emphasised how important it is to plan your events.

She recommends  you start small.

She also said if you plan well, you could just go ahead and do things – don’t feel you have to wait for permission!

Kevin Hawkins told us about the City Council’s ideas for a series of community engagement events over the next few months and asked for our support to get people involved. He works for the Local Matters team. They are really committed to building trust and relationships with people, and not just doing one-off consultation.

people writing on post it notes

We ended with a Got It, Want It ! activity. People put up notices about things they have which they are happy to share and things they need. You can read it here – click this link to download Got it Want it 1000 lives 26-6-14 If you see anything that you need or can offer, please contact the person direct.