We have some very exciting news.

We’ve been told we have another year of funding for the 1000 Lives Community Champions Network. The public health department of the City Council has acknowledged the valuable work done by all those involved with the Network in making Stoke on Trent a healthier, happier and safer place to live.

We have a new logo which was designed by Staffordshire based Yes Agency and chosen by 1000 Lives friends. It shows the vibrancy and connectedness of the network. 1000 Lives new logoWe’ll be planning a 1000 Lives Celebration event in the next couple of months to thank our friends and partners for all the support and hard work.

Other good news is that the Network is now part of an independent organisation called All the Small Things CiC. This community interest company has been set up by a group of community development workers from across the city – community organisers, the 1000 Lives coordinators and others. We will be working on a range of projects and welcome 1000 Lives Friends to get involved as members of the CiC. If you would like to know more, please contact us on hello@1000lives.org.uk.

photo of 1000 Lives Network member

Finally, at our last network event, participants learned about digital evaluation techniques and here is a short film made on the day starring a number of our 1000 Lives friends.