Paul Banks is one of our fantastic 1000 Lives Ambassadors.
He support our events, drop ins and outreach, particularly in the central area of the city of Stoke on Trent.
Paul is very committed to making sure his neighbours in Etruria know about local events and activities. He encourages people to chat to each other and to volunteer.

Humans of Stoke is a wonderful project led by Voices of Stoke.

They interviewed Paul with a great photographer.

This is Paul’s story.

“I lost my job about 4 years ago, I did a couple of courses through the job centre which is where I heard about the 1000 lives project. It’s a community action group where people volunteer and work together. It changed my view on a lot of local issues and opened my mind to a different way of thinking. It’s given me a massive boost to my confidence too, I see Stoke in a new light, if I see a problem then I think about how to fix it rather than just keep my head down.”