Marg Simpson was a very special woman. She set up Tea at 2, at social group for older people in Hartshill. She supported a team of other volunteers to work together with loads of energy for many years.

Very sadly Marg died suddenly in January 2013. Here is a link to her Obituary in the Sentinel.

We remember her very fondly.

She came to the first 1000 Lives Network event, and was happy to share her story with us on video. Marg always wanted to share her experience with other people so that she could help. She loved learning and was committed to enabling others to learn.

Marg hated being thought of as a community champion. She always said she just did her bit, and enjoyed doing it and didn’t expect any congratulations.

So here is that video of Marg with thanks. We miss you.

1000 lives launch Marg from Penny Vincent on Vimeo.

Marg Simpson at 1000 Lives event.