1000 Lives community champions and partners meet at least four times a year at Network events.

The next Network event is a Big Workshop Event

Choose from more than 10 information and training workshops.
Visit information stands and take part in Networking activities to share your ideas and skills.

It will be held on Tuesday 19th September from 10am to 2.30pm, Lunch provided

at the Bridge Centre in Birches Head ST2 8DD

Past 1000 Lives events

Follow these links to read about past 1000 Lives events

Cultural Exchange event in August 2017

Big Community Conversation and Celebration event in June 2017

Enabling Social Action event in May 2017

More Power To You event in March 2017

Network event in Bentilee in September 2016.

Network event in Hanley on Tuesday 7th June  2016 – Festival of Community Learning

 Newcastle-under-Lyme Network event Tuesday 22nd March 2016  at St Giles Church Hall

Network event in Stoke in Feburary 2016

Network event at the British Ceramics Biennial with Bread in Common October 2015.

Volunteering and Network event and Community Champions Celebration 2nd June 5-7pm

1000 Lives Network and training event 17th March 2015 – Hearts and Minds – digital tools for evaluation

1000 Lives Network and training event February 2015 – being a community messenger or ambassador

1000 Lives Network event December 2014 – joint funding celebration with Community First

1000 Lives Network event June 2014 – planning community events

1000 Lives Network event April 2014 – 1000 Lives funding

1000 Lives Young Champions Celebration event February 2014

1000 Lives Network event December 2013 – funding for community projects

1000 Lives Celebration event July 2013 – Community Champions Celebration

1000 Lives Network event April 2013 – Five Ways to Wellbeing

photo of network event

1000 Lives Network event January 2013 – making community connections

1000 Lives launch event October 2012 – Welcome to 1000 Lives

The 1000 Lives Events Team

Lynne Ball is the lead facilitator of 1000 Lives events.

If you think you would like to join the events team please let her know.

Here is a role description for a 1000 Lives Community Connector volunteer for the events team. Why not take a look and think about it? We would love to hear from you.

Volunteer role description 1000 lives community connector events

Email lynne.ball4@gmail.com