The social determinants of health

The social determinants are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. They can lead to health inequalities.
The Marmot Review into health inequalities in England was published on 11 February 2010. It says that action needs to be taken to address the social determinants of health.
The review draws attention to the evidence that most people in England aren’t living as long as the few people who are best off in society. The poorest people spend longer in ill-health.

The social determinants of health rainbow

Dahlgren and Whitehead drew a “policy rainbow” in 1991. This uses layers to show the way that lots of things affect people’s health and well being. Click on the rainbow to see a bigger picture.
Marmot says that to address health inequalities we need to create the conditions for people to take control of their own lives. This requires action across all the social determinants of health.

Social determinants of health in Stoke on Trent

Miniature Stoke” is a film which brings to life some of the important information about the population of Stoke on Trent. It shows the determinants of health in the city. The film was made for the Stoke on Trent Healthy City project.

“Miniature Stoke 2014″ was made with the new information taken from the 2010 census.

1000 Lives

1000 Lives was funded by the Public Health department of Stoke on Trent City Council, to support people to take action to tackle the social determinants of health in their communities.