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1000 Lives on film 2015 – made by us!

by 1000_lives

In March 2015 we held a Network event which was all about evaluation. Network Friends learned how to use movie cameras, still cameras and audio recorders to collect people’s comments. We also created “tweets” of no more than 140 characters to summarise what 1000 lives means to us. This film of the day was put [...]

Hearts and Minds Network event report

by 1000_lives

We had a great 1000 Lives event on the 17th March at St Mark’s Church in Shelton. We learned how to use digital technology to evaluate our projects and we also asked people to evaluate 1000 Lives. At the event people were invited to share information about things they have to share and things they [...]

1000 Lives networking and training event 17th March 2015

by 1000_lives

Our next FREE networking and training event is on Tuesday 17th March at St Mark’s Church Shelton, 10.30am – 2.30pm. We’re calling it Hearts and Minds (you’ll see why below) We’re at a stage in the life of 1000 Lives where we need to know what impact we’re having. We want to spend time with [...]

Free training in community research for 1000 Lives planning team members

by 1000_lives

The 1000 Lives Network is developing  to be run by its members for its members. The planning team includes members of the Network. The planning team are going to evaluate the Network. We will develop creative tools for community consultation. We will work as a team to ask people what they think about the 1000 [...]